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Friday, February 22, 2013

SXSWi Blacks In Technology Weekend

The "Black Church in Cyberspace" Panelists: @Geraldine Rosa Henderson, Ph.D. | @Rev. Joan R. Harrell | @Damon O’Brien | @Pam Perry | @Corey Tabor

Historically, the “black church” was a physical place typically located within the confines of the black community, quite often in walking distance from the core membership. However, with the advent of the civil rights movement, integration, and gentrification, the locations of churches quite often may be miles and miles from the physical location of its members.

Moreover, churches, like other not-for-profit organizations face the realities of economies of scale, operational and logistical expenses, as well as competing for other events in the lives, hearts, and giving (time, talent, and treasure) of congregants.

This session explores how the digital landscape has impacted the nature of “The Black Church” making it possible to gain strength in numbers virtually as well inform others who may not typically fit within the historical definition of “The Black Church.”

Mario, Marcia and Wayne 2011 Winners
Blacks in Tech at SXSW Interactive

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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